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Backgroun New Units

Silhouette Nose of Maritime Action

The programme was developed following the PAPS method (Phased Armament Programming System) structured into the following stages:

  • Assessment of operational requirements.
  • Pre-feasibility.
  • Feasibility
  • Project definition.
  • Shipbuilding.

Assessment of operational requirements

It started in September 2004 when the Chief of Naval Staff (AJEMA) approved the MND document establishing the Staff Objectives (NST).


During this stage the main parameters were designed stressing Life Cycle Costs. Several innovative aspects of the design were studied and the concepts of ocean-going and coastal ships were developed resulting in a “common platform” which underlined the need to keep low maintenance costs. This stage finished in November 2004 when the Chief of Naval Staff (AJEMA) issued the Staff Objective.


Subsequently, the feasibility studies commenced after a transition phase of technical-financial analysis resulting in the Staff Requirements signed by the AJEMA on April 25th 2005.

Project Definition

After the Staff Requirements were concluded the Project Definition phase started with technical backup from NAVANTIA thanks to the contract signed with that company in July 2005. This phase resulted in the Execution Order for the shipbuilding of four units.


The shipbuilding stage started on July 31st 2006 when a contract was signed between NAVANTIA and the Spanish Navy for the construction of the first unit of a batch of four in the San Fernando/Puerto Real Shipyards (Cádiz).

The four units will be delivered according to the following schedule:

  • BAM P-41(Meteoro): July 2009
  • BAM P-42 (Rayo): March 2010
  • BAM P-43 (Relámpago): July 2010
  • BAM P-44 (Tornado): November 2010
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