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Mission profile New Units

Silhouette Nose of Maritime Action

This Maritime Action Ship has been designed to carry out military missions against asymmetric or conventional threats by means of presence (deterrence), surveillance (prevention) and limited actions (neutralisation).

Additionally, other missions are also envisaged such as the protection of national maritime interests and the control of maritime spaces of national sovereignty, contributing to the activities carried out by different State departments with responsibilities in the maritime domain.

Finally, the ship will also carry out constabulary missions in cooperation with the police and other law enforcements organisations taking part in surveillance, SAR and fighting sea pollution, collaborating with other ministerial departments.

Two possible mission profiles for the BAM are envisaged:

Profile 1: Sea control operations in low intensity scenarios.

These operations can be carried out in the international domain (implementing international resolutions) or in the national sphere in cooperation with State law enforcements organisations.

These are some of Profile 1 tasks:

  • Naval presence.
  • Maritime interdiction.
  • Merchant traffic protection.
  • Shipping control.
  • Protection and support of small units.
  • Transport of Special Operations forces.
  • Control and neutralisation of terrorist actions.
  • Control and neutralisation of piracy.
  • Operations against drug-trafficking.
  • Operations against illegal immigration.
  • Participation in NEO operations.
  • Certain operations related to humanitarian aid and natural catastrophes situations.
  • Medical care at sea.

Profile 2: Surveillance, control and cooperation operations.

The natural sphere of this profile will be outside territorial waters operating within the EEZ and adjacent maritime areas. Surveillance, control and cooperation missions will normally be carried out in peacetime and without military threats.

These are some of Profile 2 tasks:

  • Naval presence.
  • Control of activities in those maritime areas.
  • Control of dangerous cargo.
  • SAR operations.
  • Coordination of small scale operations at sea.
  • Supervision and control on environmental legislation.
  • Supervision and control of fishing legislation.
  • Collaboration in training of other units or Schools.
  • Logistic and medical support to small ships.
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