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Technical data New Units

General characteristics
General characteristics Nose Maritime Action
  • Length: 93.90 m.
  • Width: 4.20 m.
  • Draught: 4.2 m.
  • Stanchion: 7.20 m.
  • Displacement: 2,500 t.
  • Max. Speed: 20.5 knots.
  • Max. sustained speed: 19 knots.
  • Patrol speed: 10 knots.
  • Endurance: 3,500 miles at 15 knots + 12 days at 6 knots + 3,500 at 12 knots.
  • Complement: 35
  • Transport capacity: 35 people.
  • NEO capacity: 80 people.
  • Helicopter: SH-3D, AB-212, NH-90
  • Poop deck containers: 2 x 16 tons.
  • Flight deck containers: 3 x 5.5 tons.
Propulsion and Electricity
Scheme of the plant(floor) propulsora and electrical of the Nose of Maritime Action
  • Propulsion plant
    • CODOE (Combined Diesel or Electric) propulsion plant.
    • Total power: 2 x 4500 kW (diesel) + 2 x 750 kW (electric).
    • Propeller type: 2 CPP.
    • Propeller diameter: 3450 mm.
    • 2 reducers – one 1000 r.p.m. (diesel); one 1200 r.p.m. (electric).
    • Bow transversal propeller (500 kW).
  • Electric plant.
    • Main diesel generators: 4 x 660 kW.
    • Emergency generator: 260 kW.
    • Force: 440V, 60 Hz, 3-ph.
    • Light: 220V, 60 Hz.
    • Red de Hotel 220V, 60 Hz

Silhouette of the Nose of Maritime Action
  • Command and Control System:
    • Este sistema recibirá información directa de los enlaces tácticos de datos.
  • Combat System:
    • It provides capabilities to receive, process, integrate, store, present and transmit information from the different sensors and equipment.
    • It manages and presents tactical information integrating information from navigational and meteorological aids.
  • Communications System:
    • It provides the necessary capabilities for the digital management of onboard communications, including satellite, data and voice.
    • It has a message processing system for high speed transmissions; PA system and emergency equipment.

Operational capabilities
Silhouette of the Nose of Maritime Action
  • Flight deck for AB-212, NH-90 or SH-3D
  • Hangar for AB-212 or NH-90 helicopter.
  • 2 RIB craft.
  • Environmental defence:
    • 130 m3 of spill waste.
    • Contention barriers.
    • Dispersant system.
  • Additional capability (*)
    • 3 poop deck containers (16 tons).
    • 3 flight deck containers (16 tons).

    (*) Containers: UAV’s, firing targets, signal simulators, antipollution assets, divers support, workshops, etc.


El buque contará con:

  • One 76/62 gun
  • Two 25 mm automatic mountings
  • Two 12.7 mm machine guns
Crew,transport personnel and habitability.


Two of the main goals were to develop a ship with a small crew and high quality of life. The ship has been designed to operate with 35 people capable of carrying out most of the basic tasks of the ship. Habitability distribution is summarised as follows:

Crew,transport personnel and habitability


CO 1 1x1
XO 1 1x1
Officers 3 3x1
NCOs 10 2x1 / 4x2
Ratings 20 5x4
Total 35

All cabins will have bathrooms to provide maximum flexibility for embarked female personnel.

Transport personnel

Besides the crew, the ship can accommodate a further 35 people with a similar habitability standard to that of the crew. The configuration of such personnel will depend on the specific mission entrusted to the ship. The distribution will be as follows:

Transport personnel and habitability
Rank Crew Cabin
Officers 1 1x1
NCOs 6 3x2
Ratings 28 7x4
Total 35

All cabins will have bathrooms.

For NEO or maritime rescue operations, the ship can accommodate a maximum of 80 people during 48 hours, apart from the crew.

Equipment and Habitability

  • Implementation of quality of life at sea criteria (CAVIMAR).
  • Higher habitability standards than that recommended by NATO.
  • Lounges, library, internet and gym.
  • Centralised kitchen for the three mess rooms.
  • Laundry.
  • Ample medical areas: hospital, consulting room, advanced medical support, telemedicine.
  • A1 – Resting area: cabins, mess decks.
  • A2 – Victuals area: Dining rooms, kitchen, self-service, dishwasher, drinks storeroom.
  • A3 – Leisure area: wardrooms, lounges, study rooms, internet, library and gym.
  • A4 – Medical area.
  • A5 – Corridors.
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