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General situation of the project - Maritime Action Ship - New Units - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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Maritime Action Ship New Units

General situation of the project New Units

The shipbuilding stage started on July 31st 2006 when a contract was signed between NAVANTIA and the Spanish Navy for the construction of the first unit of a batch of four in the San Fernando/Puerto Real Shipyards (Cádiz).

The four units will be delivered according to the following schedule:

  • BAM Meteoro (P-41): July 2009
  • BAM Rayo (P-42): March 2010
  • BAM Relámpago (P-43): July 2010
  • BAM Tornado (P-44): November 2010
Nose of Action Marítima. - Program of Milestones of Construction

On September 26th a Programme Launching Meeting took place in San Fernando with representatives from the Naval Staff, DIGAM, AJAL and ARDIZ.
On January 25th 2007 a conference was held in Puerto Real (Cádiz) where the General Situation of the Programme was analysed in depth. The project has a 14% advance in the programme, slightly above the scheduled calendar.

In April, a Preliminary Review of the Design will take place.

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