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Propósito de la misión - EUNAVFOR SOMALIA – Frigate ‘Canarias’ (F-86) - Activities - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019 - document to 17:28:55

EUNAVFOR SOMALIA – Frigate ‘Canarias’ (F-86)

Purpose of the mission Activities

Purpose of the mission

EUNAVFOR SOMALIA – Frigate ‘Canarias’ (F-86)

Frigate ‘Canarias’ (F-86) has just left her homeport in Rota Naval Base to participate in the EU-led counter-piracy Operation EUNAVFOR ATALANTA in the Indian Ocean, entrusted also with the protection of vulnerable shipping in the area, especially WFP (World Food Program) and AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) ships. This is a clear example of Spain’s commitment with European Union and United Nations missions.

Started in 2008 at the request of Spain and France, Operation EUNAVFOR ATALANTA contributes to enhance maritime security in the Indian Ocean with surveillance missions intended to thwart pirate attacks and monitor shipping in that zone. Spain has assumed command of the operation with its headquarters (ES-OHQ) in Rota Naval Base. Servicemen from 19 nationalities work there.

The ‘Canarias’ is the sixth and last ‘Santa María’-class frigate of the 41st Escort Squadron. The F-86, currently operating with a crew of 230 people, has already participated in this operation as well as other missions like ‘Enduring Freedom’, Active Endeavor’, ‘EUNAVFORMED-Sophia’ and deployments with one of NATO’s Standing Maritime Groups (SNMG-2).

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