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The Force


Listado de Actividades De La Fuerza

SNMG-1.- Fragata "Almirante Juan de Borbón" (F-102)

SNMG-1.- Frigate ‘Almirante Juan de Borbón’ (F-102)

Frigate ‘Almirante Juan de Borbón’ left her home port in Ferrol to integrate into the Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG-1) to conduct maritime security operations in Northern Europe, along with other allied frigates and logistic ships. [>>] Go to the activity
EUNAVFOR (MED Sophia) .- BAM 'Rayo'(P-42)

EUNAVFOR (MED Sophia) .- BAM 'Rayo'(P-42)

The offshore patrol vessel ‘Rayo’, left her homeport in Las Palmas (Canary Islands) to integrate into Operation ‘Sophia’ in central Mediterranean from February to June 2019. [>>] Go to the activity
Despliegue Africano - Patrullero "Serviola" (PA-71)

Offshore patrol vessel ‘Serviola’ (PA-71) – West African Deployment

The offshore patrol vessel (OPV) ‘Serviola’ set sail to conduct a series of activities in Africa as part of the Defense Diplomacy Plan. These deployments are intended to enhance maritime security and to carry out cooperative security operations in West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea [>>] Go to the activity
EUNAVFOR (Operación Atalanta).- FFG "Navarra" (F-85)

EUNAVFOR (Operación Atalanta).- FFG "Navarra" (F-85)

Frigate ‘Navarra’ (F-85) -under command of Cdr. Eduardo Guitián- will participate in Operation ‘Atalanta’ during the next 5 months as flagship of the European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) [>>] Go to the activity
XCI Crucero de Instrucción.- Buque Escuela 'Juan Sebastián de Elcano'

91st training cruise.-Spanish Navy training ship ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’

The 91st training cruise is to contribute to the nautical, military, social and human instruction of the new 70 midshipmen [>>] Go to the activity
XXIV Campaña Antártica.- BIO 'Hespérides' (A-33)

‘Hespérides’ in the 32nd Spanish Antarctic Campaign.

The oceanographic research ship (BIO in its Spanish initials) ‘Hespérides’ set sail on December 19th from her home port in Cartagena to participate in the 32nd Spanish Antarctic campaign. [>>] Go to the activity
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