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HISTORY Naval Academy

Academia de Guardias Marinas

King Philip V acknowledged the need for a strong Navy to defend and protect the overseas colonies, and ordered his State Secretary José Patiño to establish a Midshipmen Academy in Cádiz in 1717 to train and instruct future naval officers.

A requirement to join the Academy in those days was to be a member of the nobility, although there was also an ‘on the sly way’ for experienced sailors to enlist without being of noble blood. This prerequisite was in force until 1824 and the syllabus included theoretical classes and practical training on board Navy units.

In 1776 two branch venues were inaugurated in Ferrol and Cartagena but were later closed down (1824) because they were too costly.


The Academy was converted into a School but in 1868 it was also closed because of budgetary problems. The old frigate ‘Asturias’, permanently berthed in Ferrol, was turned into a floating Naval Academy.

Escuela Naval de San Fernando

After a short period in San Fernando (Cádiz) from 1913 to 1938, the Naval Academy as it is now known was finally inaugurated in its definitive venue in Marín (Pontevedra) in 1943.

Puerta Carlos I de la Escuela Naval Militar
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