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Overview New Units

Silhouette Nose of Maritime Action

The purpose of the ocean-going Maritime Action Ship (BAM) is to replace the different and heterogeneous types of patrol ships which are near the end of their life cycle, for a Maritime Action Force designed around a reliable and highly automated platform with low maintenance costs, reduced crew, and enhanced endurance.

The ocean-going ships, 94 m. long and a displacement of 2,500 tons will replace the “Barceló”, “Anaga”, “Conejera”, “Toralla” and “Descubierta” class patrol boats. The missions include patrolling, EEZ protection and interventions support in third countries. They will be armed with light weapons and have rescue equipment to assist in catastrophes with medical facilities, cargo transport, means to fight sea pollution and a helicopter platform. The ship will be built with civilian standards except for some specific military characteristics.

The design of the BAM platform has taken into account other Navy needs within the maritime action sphere. The Project Definition of the BAM has borne in mind the inherent peculiarities of the design, as well as possible future requirements such as non oceanic versions: Hydro-graphic research, Intelligence, divers support, and submarine rescue.

Special emphasis has been laid on the design and stabilization of the platform in order to improve her performance at sea, permitting prolonged operations without excessive fatigue for the crew.

From the very beginning of the project, aspects related to personnel safety were also taken into account so as to reduce the possible risks during the different operations.

It is worth underlining the small crew: 35 people. This implies a high automation level, compatible with existing technology, incorporating maintenance and logistic criteria congruent with reduced crews and the safety and reliable performance of the ship. In this sense, the ship will have a state-of-the-art Platform Control Integrated System, and a Maintenance System based on Sea State.

The design and shipbuilding will basically be based on commercial standards favouring safety and ship survivability, especially in areas related to the hull and propulsion system, electricity and auxiliary services. Special care will be taken in the asymmetric threat.

One of the main objectives is to reach a high level of accommodation and quality of life onboard incorporating modern designs to enhance comfort, environmental control, ergonomics, etc.

The ship will follow the philosophy of a “Green Ship” to meet all environmental requirements and fight against sea pollution, compatible with the fulfilment of the mission.

Given the wide variety of possible configurations depending of the mission assigned, the design will be modular to easily adapt the ship to the specific situation.

To sum up, the ocean-going Maritime Action Ship has been designed as a versatile platform to make better use of available resources reducing life cycle costs. The reduced crews and high habitability standards are important milestones in the procurement process of naval units and the modernisation of the Armed Forces.

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