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Purpose of the deployment - 22nd Antarctic Campaign "Hespérides" (A-33) - Activities - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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22nd Antarctic Campaign "Hespérides" (A-33)

  • Purpose of the deployment

Purpose of the deployment Activities

The oceanographic research ship ‘Hespérides’ has started the 22ndAntarctic Campaign in support of the Spanish science.The Spanish Antarctic Campaign is a model of cooperation between different institutions sponsored by the State Secretariat for R&D of the Finance Ministry. The activities between all participating organizations are coordinated by the Spanish Polar Committee.

The campaign started on December 12th. The ‘Hespérides’ is scheduled to call at the following ports, Salvador de Bahía, Brazil (27-30 DEC) and Ushuaia, Argentina (13-16 JAN), before heading towards the South Shetland Islands. The campaign will conclude at the beginning of April.

Fiveimportant scientific researchprojects will be carried out on board the ‘Hespérides’:

  • Diving in polar waters to study chemical ecology and marine invertebrates
  • Geomorphology and Geodynamics in the South Shetland Islands
  • Accuracy of the GALILEO Positioning System
  • Study of invasive species in the Antarctic
  • Study of Tardigrades in collaboration with Colombia.


The ‘Hespérides’ will also support the Spanish Bases ‘Gabriel de Castilla’ (Deception Island) and ‘Juan Carlos I’ (Livingston Island). Upon completion of the different projects, and coinciding with the last days of the austral summer, the Spanish Bases will be closed down the ship will sail back to Cartagena.

During the transit back to Spain, two further projects will also be conducted:

  • Study of sedimentary dynamics in the Beagle Channel (1 week)
  • Study of marine currents in the Beagle Channel and the waters between Brazil and the Malvinas Islands (Falklands)


Apart from her crew of 62, the total number of personnel, including rotations of scientists, comprise 220 people: researchers, technicians and journalists from Spanish TVs and publishing houses.

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