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Thursday, 14 December 2017 - document to 21:40:02

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Protection Force Training

Marine Corps’ Special Operations Teams train in exercise ‘Atenea’.
The main purpose of the exercise was to integrate SO squads with the crews of warships and helicopters.
Monday, February 06, 2017

Exercise ‘Atenea’, managed and conducted by the Marine Corps Protection Force (FUPRO), has come to an end in Rota Naval Base and Cadiz Bay after five days of intense training.

The main purpose of this exercise was to integrate Special Operations teams with the crews of warships and helicopters deployed in different theatres of operation in order to provide an adequate protection response to our units in national and international operations (ATALANTA, SEA GUARDIAN, SNMGs, etc.). Another objective was to implement standard operating procedures and techniques among the different Marine Corps’ Special Operations units and detachments.

Participating units included SO teams from Madrid, the Southern and Eastern ‘Tercios’ and the Canary Islands’ Security Unit.

The exercise involved several activities like integration of MC squads into VBSS Teams (visit, board, search & seizure), fast-rope drills and day/night firing exercises from naval and air units.

Spanish Navy’s Protection Force

The Protection Force (FUPRO in its Spanish initials) is one of the three main Marine Corps elements. It is entrusted with the protection and security of Spanish naval bases, centers, facilities and people.

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